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Reflections on Higher Education

By |2016-11-06T09:55:39+11:00March 2nd, 2014|Professional|

Your research interests cover a diverse array of learning issues in higher education, including digital literacies, blended and personalised learning as well as the importance of designing conducive learning spaces. Could you share with us how you became interested in these issues? My journey as an educator has traversed a number of learning, teaching and [...]

Personalised Learning in a Digital Age

By |2016-11-24T21:13:56+11:00May 30th, 2013|Professional|

This presentation focussed on how new generation tertiary education students interact in a digital age. It discussed how they  adapt and customise their learning and personalise their interactions to suit their needs. It will argue that students need to acquire a range of literacies to successfully personalise their learning and social environments. New generation tertiary [...]