Astrand felt dazed, groggy and a little unaware of where he was…he could feel that he was lying in a bed but had no recollection of how he had arrived here. He searched the room with his eyes, darting back and forth across the beige painted room without a hint of a painting, a photo or the smudge of a small child’s food-covered hand.

For the moment he was engaged but he became agitated as he attempted to recollect his last thoughts. He remembered leaving the house, hugging his three-year old daughter and beginning his usual ride to work….and then nothing, he couldn’t remember how he had gotten to the beige painted room. His body also felt different, he wasn’t sure why until he began to move.

He started moving his arms away from his side and wiggled his fingers feeling refreshed at their movements. He then attempted to move his legs and for some reason they did not feel attached to his action thoughts. They just didn’t move, they didn’t follow his thoughts like they used to do…..

He tried wiggling his toes and they just didn’t respond….he tried in vain but he just couldn’t remember how to wiggle his toes….