We begin naked and exposed to the eyes, until we layer a veneer over the skin, each layer on top of each other. Both have many layers upon their skin, some by choice, some by design, some to guard and some that unexpectedly adhere and remain and are difficult to shake. The veneers have occurred over the years until they hardly remember the number, and now form a viscous coat heavy to carry.

Eyes meet and a layer is removed, gentleness and calmness of voice removes another, respectful distance another and a feeling of safety, and another layer is removed. A point of interest sparks their passion and layers shed until they truly become themselves. Confusion and puzzlement occur until a message stirs a passion, a need within to express, to purge, to scream out – “Doesn’t anyone see who I am?” My exterior is different to my soul which only deep focusing on my eyes reveal – “Doesn’t anyone see who I am?” Doesn’t anyone see the sparkle, the passion, the words exploding into the ether to be collected by passerbys as if scattered diamond graffiti.

“Are they just imaginary phrases or are they real?” ”You are real!” as each giggle three-dimensionally. A glance at fingers reveals a ring, a symbol, another layer is added. A bluish stone confuses, puzzled by what it is, a unique tanzanite from the foothills of Kilimanajaro. The eyes water trying not to show feelings now hiding under layers. They interact but has the ‘bubble burst’ – or has a specialness begun?, who knows?, a dance forward for an angel.