Professor Mike Keppell, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning Transformations, Swinburne University of Technology

I attempt to empower teaching staff across all modes of learning, teaching and assessment  utilising blended learning. I oversee the Learning Transformations Unit that is focused on learning technologies and teaching practices to meet student needs and expectations and opportunities available in the digital era.

As Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning Transformations I focus on institutional initiatives that will enhance teaching and learning at Swinburne University of Technology. My primary focus is to increase the quality of teaching across all modes of teaching (face-to-face, blended and online). My goal is to create and lead a sustainable program of learning innovation which enables Swinburne to thrive in an environment of constant change.

The Learning Transformations Unit has 25 staff focussed on professional development across the University. Our mission is to transform practice across the faculties and PAVE by inspiring, enabling and empowering teaching staff to develop capacity and capability in innovative teaching and learning. I oversee nine major portfolios that are illustrated in the diagram below.


I have worked with Facilities to enhance the campus environment by redesigning nine informal learning spaces, providing advice on major physical space projects and assisting in identifying fifteen formal learning spaces to be redesigned in 2017. Future work will develop a comprehensive plan for learning spaces that is aligned with the Learning and Teaching strategy
My work has focussed on developing blended learning standards and learning design workshops focussed on Units, Majors and Courses.
We have undertaken an audit of assessment practices, examined assessment through learning design workshops and focussed our annual conference on assessment. In 2017 I plan to second a staff member from each of the faculties and PAVE to work on strategic projects related to assessment practice.
We are currently working on the redesign of approximately 150 units, 3-4 majors and several courses. This will have major impact on teaching and learning at Swinburne.
We have 248 enrolments for 2016 including 155 ongoing staff, 59 sessional staff and 34 external participants. We are also in the process of developing a blended learning teaching approach and micro-units to further expand the reach of the professional development opportunities through the GCLT (HE).
Swinburne obtained four external citations and one fellowship in 2016. We have also aligned the Faculty, University and OLT submission process.
We are piloting 1000 professional portfolios for the GCLT(HE) and Bachelor of Nursing in relation to employability outcomes. This will be further elaborated to an Institutional licence in the next 12 months.
Developed an Institutional Open Education framework for Swinburne. Will examine the implications of open textbooks for Internationalisation in 2017.
Choreographed a successful conference for 190 staff on blended learning and authentic assessment in 2015 and 140 staff in 2016. Over 1000 staff interactions per year in relation to professional development.