Walking 100km in 38 Hours

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We just completed the gruelling Oxfam Trailwalker 100km event over the weekend. We walked for 38 hours including a five-hour sleep break. The first day took us through the highest part of the course after the 1000 steps. The second day after the five-hour rest/sleep proved to be a punishing day on our feet and the last two [...]

Just a House…

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There's something unsettling, uncomfortable and final about selling the family house, the only stable home I have known, where my late parents lived most of their lives. Having lived in eighteen different houses across three countries, one stable house has meaning - significant meaning! It's just a house.... but the walls hold and embrace stories [...]


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A long hallway lead to the 7th floor open area apartment decorated with black leather furniture, bright coloured cushions, art from various countries and mobile art in the form of jostling cosmopolitan people chatting in their groups, drinking expensive red wine and eating sushi. A Kandinsky took pride of place on a wall and red-figured [...]


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Words are not enough to capture the devotion, kindness, thoughtfulness and unselfishness of a mother. Fond memories of encouraging looks, loving eyes and encouraging gestures flood the mind and heart. An amazing spirit, insatiable reader and artistic mind characterise her deliberate actions and mindful devotion to her children. Although she has aged she still puts [...]

‘Marched to the Beat of a different Drummer’

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The best way to describe Dad was that he ‘marched to the beat of a different drummer’. He was born on the 21st January, 1923 in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs forever stayed in his blood. As a family we jokingly say 1923 as he had three different birth certificates. He was either 88, 89 [...]