I recently attended the E-Learning Summit in Sydney in February and presented on some of our initiatives within the Flexible Learning Institute in relation to designing at the course/degree level as opposed to the single subject level. In my view, to make progress in redesigning curriculum the ‘granularity’ we choose to focus on needs to be carefully considered.

The student experience also needs to be choreographed throughout the degree program to encompass a broad range of skills that will foster both lifelong and life-wide capabilities. It is becoming even more important to develop the digital literacy or multi-literacies of both students and staff in order to provide skills and knowledge to cope with the future.

Beyond the content we also need to infuse into the curriculum aspects related to learning spaces, pedagogy, multi-literacies, interactions and ICT. There needs to be a consideration of all these aspects in twenty-first century curriculum.

Too often we seem to simplify the complexity of learning and teaching in higher education whereas in reality there is always a lot happening when learning and teaching occurs.