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Wellington Conference

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As a first time attendee at the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ) bi-annual conference I was impressed by the level of dialogue and enjoyed gaining an insight into the New Zealand Context. Mark Brown's article in The Dominion Post on April 11 was often referenced throughout the conference in both the first keynote by [...]

Just a House…

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There's something unsettling, uncomfortable and final about selling the family house, the only stable home I have known, where my late parents lived most of their lives. Having lived in eighteen different houses across three countries, one stable house has meaning - significant meaning! It's just a house.... but the walls hold and embrace stories [...]

Questions to Consider in Learning Space Design

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Principle Questions Comfort: a space which creates a physical and mental sense of ease and well-being. ·      How comfortable do you feel in this learning space? ·      Do aspects of the learning space distract you from learning? ·      What area in the learning space do you spend most of your time and why? ·      Is [...]

Design for New Generation Learning Spaces

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The Design for New Generation Learning Spaces Conference held in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th March turned out to be a valuable professional exchange of ideas on learning spaces. The mix of formal presentations and panel sessions enabled good interaction from the audience. I had a multi- faceted role at the conference (as Chair) that involved [...]