Welcome to My Website and Blog

This website provides an overview of my professional life as an academic. I’ve worked at eight universities across three countries. You’ll also find some of the sports, adventures and hobbies that I am passionate about when I’m not working.


I have a passion for enhancing the staff and student experience in University learning and teaching. My work over the last 25 years has focussed on the areas of learning design, learning engagement, assessment, professional development, learning spaces, elearning and transformational change.

My vision for my work is to lead and develop a vibrant, leading edge learning and teaching culture that is centred on leveraging the current strengths of the organisation. I focus on working with staff to empower graduates who are resilient personalised learners who can navigate a ‘blended’ and ‘seamless’ learning context.

My goal is to create a quality blended learning framework that optimises the on-campus and virtual campus experiences of teachers and learners and develops personalised learners who are able to navigate the learning landscape now and in the future. In addition, rich, interactive and sustained forms of professional development empower staff and assessment-as-learning strategies create the problem-solvers of the future.

My strengths lie in my extensive academic experience in diverse settings, my vision and strategic outlook, extensive knowledge of learning technologies for higher education, strong leadership style, organisational change capability, strong management and administration background and a collegial communication style. I believe that I have an ability to analyse and provide creative solutions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in higher education.


My values reflect the fundamental beliefs that underpin my everyday decisions and actions. These guide my approach to leading, managing, collaborating and determining appropriate outcomes that best meet the goals of learning and teaching within the University environment. These comprise:

  • Inclusive: I value diversity and learning opportunities that promote equity.
  • Innovative: I value emerging ideas that add value to the learning experience.
  • Transformative: I value the thoughtful redesign of learning and teaching.
  • Interdisciplinary: I value cross discipline learning and teaching.
  • Collaborative: I value collaboration nationally and internationally.
  • Sustainable: I value generative strategies to enhance learning and teaching.
  • Connected: I value the affordances of the connected world.
  • Evidence-based: I value scholarship and research into learning and teaching.
  • Open: I value open education and the opportunities it provides.